Lauri Tall-Stackers - Smart Shapes


$ 35.59 

Product Description Children will think they’re just having fun with this versatile teaching toy, but they’re actually building fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they fit the Tall-Stacker™ Pegs into the Lauri® crepe rubber pegboards. They will learn early math skills like counting, adding, and subtracting while working on their building projects. Playing with the colorful pegs and pegboards also helps children build useful sorting and matching skills and help with shape and color recognition. Lauri crepe rubber is bright, durable, soft, latex-free and washable! From the Manufacturer What do you get with basic geomentric shapes made of Lauri crepe rubber and 21 tall-stacker Pegs? You get toy that entertains preschoolers for hours in convenient travel case for kids on the go. They'll fill all the holes, sort the pegs by color, and see how high the pegs will stack. With to holes per shape, it's also counting toy that lays good foundation for early math skills. When finished playing, kids will have fun putting the shapes back in the puzzle frame.

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