Lauri Super Magnet


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Product Description At Patch Products, we are serious about fun! Some days, you will find us playing games-to test them, of course! We are a group of energetic, talented and passionate employees who love what we do and love exploring new ideas that lead to exceptional games, puzzles and toys. Every day, we are busy packing the most value possible into quality, family-friendly products that are FUN! We believe in the team approach to creating fun-starting with product development, licensing and graphic design, continuing on to the Work Hard Play Hard Award manufacturing stage and following through with shipping, marketing, sales and customer service. The Patch team includes our vendors who supply us with quality materials, and our marketing partners-the restaurants, hotels, radio stations and other places you will find people playing our games. Our FUN is contagious! From the Manufacturer With the Super Magnet, you'll always be ready for fun and learning. The giant, easy to hold 8.25" magnet is a great toy for kids, see how many objects you can attract and pick up. It's also a fun educational tool, use it in school or at home to explore the magic of magnetism.


  • Products that are great fun from children to adults
  • High quality toys and games
  • Games and toys that the whole family can enjoy
  • Giant, amazingly strong magnet
  • Did you know? Every magnet has a North and South Pole Opposite poles attract; while like poles repel
  • Did you know? The Earth acts like a big magnet with invisible lines of magnetic force
  • Using a compass (made with a magnet); you can find which direction you are going

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