Larsen Puzzles Dinosaur Children's Educational Jigsaw Puzzle - 35 Piece Tray & Frame Style Puzzle - Exclusive Premium Hand Made Puzzles - Imported from Norway


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Learn how to identify Jurassic wildlife. Species shown are (left to right, top to bottom): dragonfly, archaeopterix, rhamphorynchus, pterodactylus, barosaurus, stegosaurus, sinoconodon (early mammal), allosaurus (big predator), ornitholestes, ichthyosaurus, plesiosaurus, opthalmosaurus(top right underwater), ammonites, archeleon (turtle). -Also: belemnites(squid-like), sea lilies, corals, shells, and on land: ferns, tree ferns, conifers.


  • 35 PIECE JIGSAW PUZZLE - Each piece is extra thick, 2.5mm, making them durable and easy to handle for kids of all ages
  • UNIQUE DESIGN - Each puzzle piece is cut in a unique shape to provide an extra level of self check and concentration
  • EDUCATIONAL - puzzles promote hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem solving and concentration
  • ECO-FRIENDLY - Comes in a storage tray made out of recycled material. No box to remain environmentally friendly and provide easy storage
  • MADE IN NORWAY - Larsen puzzles have been manufactured on the coast of Norway and exclusively imported by Springbok Puzzles

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