LaQ Stegosaurus Model Building Kit

LaQ Blocks

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Snap, click, and build powerful dinosaur models! The Dinosaur World is the ultimate kit to build amazing models from prehistoric life! The Stegosaurus can be built to have a moving tail! The instruction guidebook shows steps to make a Stegosaurus, Spinosaurus, Archelon, Dimetrodon, Quetzalcoatlus, and a Carnotaurus. Includes instructions to build 6 models using interchangeable parts. WHAT'S LaQ? LaQ was invented to be a highly unique and creative construction toy using only 7 types of parts that makes fun snapping sounds when connecting. LaQ building stimulates the senses of sight, sound and touch, and snapping the parts together is a satisfying tactile experience promoting concentration through play. The open-ended possibilities of LaQ is limitless, and is recognized as an ideal creative toy for children as well as being an engaging creative tool for adults.

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