LaQ Dinosaur World DINO KINGDOM


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Build your own DINO KINGDOM! A large scale Dinosaur kit to build realistic models with LaQ moving action, complete with a carrying case and instructions to create 14 of your favorite Dinosaurs! The DINO KINGOM includes instructions for easy 2D starter models and learn new LaQ building techniques to assemble 14 realistic dinosaur models. Build the main model T-REX using fun LaQ building techniques, and assemble a T-REX with a moving jaw and tail! Snap on extra parts to build a feathered T-REX! You can also build the carnivorous dinosaur SPINOSAURUS, the biggest of all the meat-eaters and just as ferocious, if not more, than the well known carnivorous T-REX. Have fun building one of the tallest and largest dinosaurs, the BRACHIOSAURUS with a moving neck and legs! Build the KENTROSAURUS with the row of plates and spikes running down its back and tail, and MORE amazing dinosaurs models! *The DINO KINGDOM includes a Japanese pictorial handbook edited by the chief editor of MOVE, a childrens encyclopedia.

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