LaQ Animal World Chameleon Model Building Kit


$ 39.34 

From the Manufacturer The Animal World Chameleon set is fun for anyone. With LaQ pieces in only seven shapes to build anything you can imagine. Instructions to build 4 different 3-D models come with the set. 175 interlocking pieces in 7 different shapes to create fun projects from instructions or your pure imagination. 120 degree angled pieces allow the creation of closed spheres. Stimulates 3-dimentional thinking and practices fine motor skills. Build a Chameleon, an Alligator, a Turtle or a Frog with the same pieces.


  • An instructional booklet with clear, step-by-step instructions to make 4 3-D models and 5 flat models
  • 175 assorted LaQ pieces in 6 colors
  • Award Winning Product Line

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