L.O.L. Surprise!: Makeover Game with 20 + Exclusive Accessories


$ 46.95 $ 61.62

L.O.L. Surprise makeover game is the game of matching, collecting and dressing up in your exclusive L.O.L. Accessories! Flip over the cards, make a match and pick your accessory. The first player to collect all 5 L.O.L. Accessories wins the game! Game includes 42 cards, 20 exclusive L.O.L. Accessories and a mirror lined vanity box


  • Combine iconic make over play with L.O.L. Surprise matching of accessories to win!
  • Identify the matching accessories on each card to collect those accessories.
  • Match your cards, turn them in for accessories and complete your make over.
  • Includes 42 matching cards, 20 exclusive make over accessory pieces, and mirror vanity box!

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