KitchenAid KN256PS 1-Piece Pouring Shield


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One of the best features of a stand mixer is that you can add other ingredients while the mixing action is occuring. However, it can be a little tricky trying to get those eggs, or that sugar into the bowl, without getting in the way of a moving beater, or without ingredients sloshing outside the bowl. The answer to these difficulties is a pouring shield. The chute lets you add ingredients from a safe distance while the "collar" prevents splashes from wet ingredients and "puff" from dry ingredients. The dual-purpose pouring shield is an accessory that sits on the bowl and permits the easy addition of ingredients while the mixer is running, as well as helps to keep ingredients from splashing out of the bowl during mixing. Attaching Pouring Shield 1. Turn the Speed Control to the OFF position and unplug the mixer from the outlet. 2. Attach the bowl along with the flat beater, dough hook, or wire whip. 3. Lower and lock the motor head. 4. From the front of the mixer, slide the pouring shield over the bowl until the shield is centered. The bottom rim of the shield should fit within the bowl. Using the Pouring Shield 1. For the best results, rotate the shield so the motor head covers the "U" shaped gap in the shield. The pouring chute will be just to the right of the attachment hub as you face the mixer. 2. Pour the ingredients into the bowl through the pouring chute. Removing Pouring Shield 1. Turn the Speed Control to the OFF position and unplug the mixer from the outlet. 2. Slide the pouring shield off the bowl from the front of the mixer.


  • Designed, engineered, and tested by KitchenAid
  • Fits only models KV25G & KP26M1X
  • Fits on top of the bowl to help prevent ingredients from splattering
  • Note: Please look on the bottom of the mixer for the model number, any other source could provide the wrong model number
  • Does not fit glass bowl or accessory bowl; designed to be used with original included bowl

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