Jet Creations Inflatable Triceratops Dinosaur,


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Product Description The Triceratops was a relatively friendly herbivore consuming mostly vegetation. It's distinct horns were used as a last line of defense against predators! Well Our Triceratops isn't as stressed as the real ones were, he's just an inflatable. Measuring at 60 inches tall, this is our “XL” Triceratops. Sty 1 pc copyright Jet Creations All Rights Reserved From the Manufacturer The Inflatable Triceratops Dinosaur X-Large is great fun for dinosaur lovers to decorate his or her room, collect and play. Made of durable plastic this dinosaur is built to last, and it will deliver hours of fun and makes a cool display.


  • Featuring 4 color printing process and superior construction
  • Makes a captivating display and is sure to turn heads for people to ask, "is that real?"

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