Jet Creations Inflatable Standing Deer Reindeer Inflatable Air Plush Stuffed Animal, great for toy gift party decorations, 74 inch H, AN-DEER


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Product Description AN-DEER 74 inflatable standing deer/ reindeer, is a Return of famous design inflatable deer with upgrade material and better quality build. Standing 74 inch tall with its own, The deer is great indoor display for party, event, gift and decoration. Copyright Jet Creations All Rights Reserved. From the Manufacturer The Inflatable Reindeer is great fun for animal lovers to decorate his or her room, collect and play. Made of durable plastic this reindeer is built to last, and it will deliver hours of fun as well as makes a cool display.


  • PERFECT PARTY DECORATION - Jazz up your parties with this 53x74" inflatable lawn reindeer. This reindeer toy adds a festive cheer to Christmas gatherings and a playful vibe to poolside parties.
  • BUILT TO LAST - Tired of inflatable toys that easily get punctured? This inflatable pool toy decoration is made of heavy duty vinyl and features internal reinforcements for added durability.
  • QUICKLY INFLATES & DEFLATES - Watch this inflatable animal take shape and come to life in no time. It features 5 strategically placed air valves that ensure quick and easy inflation and deflation.
  • EYE-CATCHING DESIGN - This inflatable deer steals the show with its Classic color. It features two full-grown antlers, a bushy tail, and white spots on its body for added realism.
  • ALWAYS SAFETY FIRST - This animal toy decoration is tested extensively before being shipped out. It does not have any sharp, jagged or pointy edges that can cause harm to children.
  • Copyright Jet Creations All Rights reserved

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