Jet Creations Inflatable Globe, Clear, 16 Model: GTO-16GTR

Toys & Child

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Have a ball and teach kids some geography! Toss this ball a few times and you'll notice what is on it. Continents, bodies of water, country locations, even major cities! Find where you live and where you want to travel. The clear inflatable world-ball measures 16 inches in diameter. The earth takes shape as you blow it to life. The entire world is suddenly right before you. Toss around the globe and learn. Easy learning is in your hands.


  • Inflatable globe suitable for educational use or outdoor play
  • Inflates to 16-Inch wide with detailed mapping courtesy of the latest satellite images from NASA
  • Includes repair kit for tears or punctures
  • Deflates quickly and easily for easy transport or storage
  • Great for classrooms, bedrooms, marketing displays and more

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