Jet Creations 43 inch Triceratops Inflatable Air Stuffed Plush Dinosaur, Durable Self Standing, one of the best toys, party decorations and favors for kids and adults, 6 years and up, DI-TRI4


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Jet Creations inflatable standing Triceratops is ideal for display, decoration, and during pool season makes for one of the best pool toys. The dinosaur toy is designed and crafted based on the fossils found, with full color, green tone imprint. It's horns, frill, beak, body and legs are carefully designed and shaped like real animal. The Triceratops also has beautiful eyes too! The inflatable dinosaur is made with durable material compliant with US/EU related standards. Each dinosaur toy is inflated and tested for an extensive period time before they are packed and shipped. It is sure one of the best and safest dinosaur toys for kids, boys and girls. Create great Jurassic dinosaur world theme decorations and fun toy dinosaur playset with other Jet Creations inflatable dinosaurs like T-rex and Brachiosaurus! Size 43 inch in length and 20 inch tall, comes as one (1) piece. copyright Jet Creations All Rights Reserved


  • [FEATURE] Jet Creations Inflatable Triceratops is a realistic dinosaur replica based on fossils discovered. Green color with 3 horns, bony frill, and beak
  • [SIZE] 43 inch from head to tail and 20 inch tall, free-standing with its own legs. Due to nature of the product, actual size may slightly different
  • [TARGET] home, party, pool, birthday, gifts, decorations, one of the best dinosaur toys
  • [QUALITY] product is made with heavy duty vinyl, phthalate-free; compliant US/EU related standards
  • [CONTENT] Jet Creations Inflatable Triceratops (1)

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