Jet Creations 36" Astro View Globe


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The latest NASA satellite imagery and scans on earth surface and ocean depths. The product is made possible with latest NASA technology and Jet Creations' Ultra-high resolution digital printer to present most detailed look of the earth. Astro-view globe is great for decoration, display, and education purpose. The globe is great for room and party decoration and especially awesome teaching or educational tool for schools! Don't hesitate and order you original graphically detailed world globes today! Carefully Crafted and made as the exact replace of the world with four color process imprint, makes the details crystal clear! order yours today and discover the globe right in your very own hands! size: GTO-36AEG diameter (inflated size) and it's deflated size is 47” copyright Jet Creations Inc. All Rights Reserved


  • Approved by the CPSIA & ASTM
  • Carefully crafted with the best inflatable quality
  • Four color process imprint
  • Multiple uses and great and educational tool for teaching
  • Inflated size: 36 inches diameter
  • Deflated size: 47 inches length flat
  • Copyright Jet Creations Inc. All Rights reserved
  • 100% high-quality, non-phthalate and lead-free PVC vinyl
  • Easy to inflate
  • Includes vinyl repair patches

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