Ivory Lace Bridal Applique with Sequins and Intricate Corded Edging 4405LA-I


$ 47.85 $ 63.80


Mariell's symmetrical pair of elegant Ivory lace appliques boasts a floral vine atop a tulle base. Intricate cording ablaze with sequin embellishments make these European bridal appliques ideal trimming for any wedding gown or veil.  9" h x 5 1/2" w. Intricate ivory corded edging and brilliant sequins define these beautiful wedding appliques to trim gowns and veils with bridal finery. At an affordable price, create designer gowns that will delight brides with a one-of-a-kind look! These lace appliques are sold in pairs and will set your designs apart from the rest with exquisite European style trim and top of the line quality.

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