Hot Wheels Racing Alley Fan-Favorite Race Tracks Super 6-Lane Raceway DYT87


$ 89.15 $ 130.75


Baby (and you) will be delighted by this fresh and stylish projection mobile, designed in partnership with Jonathan Adler. Soft music or sounds, three plush pals gently spinning overhead, an enchanting scene projected onto the mobile canopy and a soft glowing amber light are the perfect calming combo for your newborn's bedtime or naptime. And don't worry about disturbing baby to turn the mobile on or off - that's what the remote is for. (You're welcome!) As your little one gets older, remove the mobile to project the sweet scene onto the ceiling so the soothing can continue and you can maintain that hard-won sleep routine. This 2-in-1 mobile is truly a dream-come-true for new moms and dads!

The enchanting projection, gentle sounds & music and soft friends dancing overhead help baby to understand when it's time to wind down and go to sleep. All of these calming features surround baby with sweet tranquility and help provide a consistent bedtime routine.

  • Hot Wheels
  • Racing
  • 6Lane
  • Newest model of 6 lane racing alley with lights and sound.

  • 5 years and up

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