Hot Wheels 2016 HW Showroom Honda Odyssey 115/250, White

Hot Wheels

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The core list of releases includes 250 castings, with a total number of 400 editions when you include variations and more. There is 50 New Models plus 15 Treasure Hunts and 15 Super Treasure Hunts interspersed within 30 mini Collections within the mainline. Also included in the mainline are 2 Target-exclusive Snowflake Editions, 2 Target-exclusive Spring Editions, and 4 Kroger Special Editions. Look for Batman, Snoopy, Carbonic, Ford, Honda, Chevy, James Bond and Need for Speed vehicles.


  • 1:64 scaled die-cast minivan.
  • White with blue and red.
  • #5/10 in the 2016 HW Showroom series.
  • #115/250 in the 2016 Hot Wheels line.

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