GUND Pusheenicorn Key Holder Bundle with Fancy Pusheen Unicorn Keychain


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This bundle of 2 includes Pusheenicorn Key Holder and Fancy Pusheen Unicorn keychain. Pusheen inspires brightness and chuckles for millions of followers in her rapidly growing online fan base. This (2.5 in H x 3 in L) keychain plush brings to life the legendary Pusheenicorn with rainbow tail and mane, and sparkly unicorn horn leading the way to your keys! Includes retractable cord, secure metal clip, and ring for easy attaching. Get fancy on the go! This 8.5" deluxe plush keychain brings her monocle-wearing persona to life as she enjoys a ride on a magical rainbow-maned unicorn! A sturdy metal keychain clip and ring securely shows off Pusheen fandom on the go.


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