Guidecraft PowerClix Explorer Series - Space Magnetic Building Set, STEM Imagination Creativity Skill Development Toy


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This exciting premier set of the PowerClix Explorer Series, combines 52 pieces of all three PowerClix design languages, Frames, Solids and Organics, for the first time. The Explorer Series is designed to encourage multiple STEM/STEAM skill development while sparking a child’s imagination and creativity. The build guide includes an original illustrated comic, interactive backdrop and space figure for dramatic play. All artwork and storyline created by talented 17 year-old artist, Ethan Wadsworth. Children will explore the universe with Space Guy and his friend, commandeering spaceships and fighting evil aliens they have created themselves. Age: 5+


  • This first set in the PowerClix Explorer Series features a Space theme
  • 52 piece PowerClix magnetic building set featuring PowerClix Frames, Solids, and Organics
  • Build guide includes illustrated comic, colorful interactive backdrop and tiny Space Guy figure to encourage dramatic play
  • All artwork and storyline created by 17 year-old artist, Ethan Wadsworth
  • Open-ended building set for STEAM skill development and artistic expression

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