Guidecraft Nesting Sort Stack Cylinders 12 pieces G6729


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The unique design of this wooden manipulative allows for several exciting ways to play and learn. The brightly colored cylinders are graduated in size and nest together, inspiring exploration and promoting fine-motor and shape-recognition skills. Also, each series of shapes feature colors that range from primary to pastel: as the pieces get smaller, the colors get lighter. Ages 2+. 8″L x 9″W x 3″H.

  • Game of nesting and stacking wooden cylinders
  • Set includes 12 color coordinated shapes and a storage tray
  • Colorful shapes for stacking and nesting play
  • Shapes are graduated in size with a primary to pastel coloration as pieces get smaller
  • Material: Rubberwood with aniline dye
  • Educational Focus: Size relationships, development of fine motor skills and cognitive learning
  • Suggested Age: 2+
  • Item #:G6729
  • Pieces:12
  • UPC:716243067297

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