Guidecraft 7″ Block Play Traffic Signs 13 Pieces G309


$ 32.99 $ 43.99


This set of 13 prominent traffic signs teach safety and accurate recognition of standard road-way signs at an early age while satisfying a child’s curiosity and fun for block play. Create complete road-ways with our Plywood Trucks and Vehicle collection. Signs are made from wood and stand on sturdy, non-tip bases. Ages 3+.

  • Set includes 13 traffic signs such as Stop, Do Not Enter, No U-Turns, One Way and more
  • Wide bases for extra stability
  • Compliments the Guidecraft Plywood Trucks and Vehicle collections
  • Material: Solid wood
  • Educational Focus: Promotes safety and recognition of standard road-way signs
  • Suggested Age: 3+
  • Item #:G309
  • Pieces:13
  • UPC:716243003097

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