Going Places: 48-Piece Floor Puzzle + FREE Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Mini-Pad Bundle

Melissa & Doug

$ 34.19 

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Melissa & Doug creates yet another great toy for your beloved little one. Kids will feel like they're really going places with these four-in-a-box cardboard floor puzzles! Assemble a jet plane, a locomotive, a dump truck and a cruise ship. Each vehicle-shaped puzzle is ~18" long. Assembling this puzzle makes it fun to improve spatial reasoning, problem-solving skills and develop manual dexterity. And, its easy-clean surface keeps the puzzle looking new. 


  • ONE FREE Melissa & Doug Scratch Art Mini-Pad is bundled with this item. The style of the mini-pad you receive is randomly picked. The Scratch Art Mini-Pad is considered a FREE bundled item. If you return this item, please return it as well.
  • Another great toy from Melissa & Doug for early childhood.
  • 4 separate of 12 Jumbo size cutout shape floor puzzles featuring a jet plane, locomotive, dump truck and cruise ship.
  • Finish the puzzle and your loved little one end up with a masterpiece of artworks to display.
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning and problem-solving skills. For age 3+.

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