Geek & Co. Craft Yarn-Storming Machine

Geek & Co. Craft

$ 29.99 $ 31.82

This simple device allows anyone to successfully knit yarn into beautiful crafts without knitting needles. The plastic knitting frame with adjustable bridge enables kids to knit tubular and rectangular shapes. A smaller tool makes woven star shapes. With the included tools and woolen yarn in a variety of colors, you can knit up a storm of crafts and design your own cuffs, scarves and jewelry. And for those looking to broaden their knitting horizons, there are even tips on how to take your craft to the streets with urban knitting: bollards, tree trunks, poles and railings can be embellished in colorful yarn envelopes. The full-color manual not only gives instructions on how to use the knitting machine, but also teaches the materials science of wool.

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