Friends '90s Nostalgia TV Show, The One with The Ball Party Game, for Teens and Adults


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How long can you last without dropping the ball? Inspired by the Friends episode, “The One with the Ball, ” players compete against friends and family to see how long they can last through five ball-tossing, ball-balancing, ball-challenging rounds! With 50 challenges – and the ball! – the game builds momentum until you’re incorporating multiple challenges into your throws like, “Occupation? Dinosaur, ” “You Ate My Sandwich, ” and “Monica, Monica, Have a Happy Hanukkah. ” Get ready to catch the fun with this hilarious game featuring challenges from the classic TV show Friends. Recommended for two to four players, ages 12 and up.


  • Play with a replica ball from the famous episode!
  • Compete in 50 Friends-themed challenges
  • Every round the challenges get harder and harder
  • Drop the ball 3 times and it's game over
  • 1 Ball, 50 Challenge Cards, Instructions

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