Fractiles Large Version


$ 55.95 

Share: Wonderful fun with symmetry! Arrange 192 magnetized plastic tiles (in yellow, red, and blue) on a 12-inch square steel activity board and discover just how many patterns and combinations are possible. (You guessed it: a lot!) The clever part is that all three shapes are types of diamonds, and their angles represent six different fractions of 360 degrees. Dozens of clever designs and pictograms are featured on the cardboard carrying case, including "Ribbon Candy," "Scrambled Mandala," and "Funky Chicken." But creating designs is only half the fun; instructions are given for several puzzles and games too, plus an explanation of different kinds of symmetry. Ideal for travel, though the tiles are probably too small for children under 6. --Richard Farr From the Manufacturer Design infinite possibilities and designs with 192 magnetic tiles cut in one of only three geometric shapes. Tiles fit on to the 12-inch by 12-inch steel activity board. Create a universe of art, design toys, puzzle with millions of solutions. Fractiles come with an illustrated instruction book to open a creative new world.


  • Infinite design possibilities
  • Includes 192 magnetic tiles
  • Tiles come in three geometric shapes
  • 12" steel activity board
  • Comes with illustrated instruction book

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