Fisher Price Wooden Toys Sweet Sounds Ice Cream Truck DJF62

Fisher Price

$ 34.63 $ 48.97


Rolling Musical Toy Truck Made with Real Wood!

Since the 1920s, ice cream trucks have filled the air with sweet, familiar melodies. From local neighborhoods to beaches and parks, these musical vehicles offer more than sugary treats—they deliver the sounds of summer. Now children can create their own musical melodies with the Sweet Sounds Ice Cream Truck from Fisher-Price® Wooden Toys, an heirloom-quality toy truck delivering fun-filled play that can help promote early childhood development. As children use the mallet to play the chimes, they’re exercising fine motor skills and imagination while expressing themselves creatively. Ringing the bell also promotes curiosity and logical thinking as they discover what mechanisms produce fun, exciting sounds.

Plus, pushing and rolling the truck along can also help encourage gross motor skills through physical play. This musical vehicle is meticulously constructed using real beech wood and stylishly designed to offer a stimulating sensory experience with engaging colors, appealing textures, and charming sounds. Explore the endless potential of a child’s imagination, and share the musical journey with the Sweet Sounds Ice Cream Truck from Fisher-Price.

Age 18 Months and Up

4.4 x 11 x 9 inches

• Rolling musical ice cream truck is made with real beech wood
• Includes chimes on the side, bell on top, and a mallet to play the chimes
• Grasping the Ice Cream Truck promotes eye-hand coordination and finger dexterity
• Rolling the truck along encourages physical activity and gross motor skills
• Making sounds and melodies using the chimes and bell helps inspire imagination, creativity, and self-expression
• Playing the chimes and ringing the bell provides visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation
• Ringing the bell fosters curiosity and encourages exploration about how things work 

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