Fisher Price Wooden Toys Surprise Inside Shapes Set DJF60

Fisher Price

$ 40.35 $ 57.55


Any child has the potential to be the next great artist, inventor, or scholar—and you can help shape that journey with this original set of beautiful wooden shapes from the Fisher-Price Wooden Toys collection. The Surprise Inside Shapes Set lets toddlers match the shapes, count them, stack them, discover the wonders inside, and explore different colors and textures. Curiosity, logical thinking, and fine motor skills come together as a unique world of play unfolds at the tips of your child’s little fingers. Because the next Einstein, O’Keeffe, and Edison could be toddling along right now. Help jumpstart their genius with this fun, unique playtime experience.

  • Set includes one square, one rectangle, two cylinders, and one triangle
  • Shapes are made with real beech wood
  • Each shape can be taken apart and put back together, and includes a surprise inside
  • Matching and stacking the shapes promotes logical thinking and problem solving
  • Set encourages curiosity and discovery as children find a variety of tactile and visual elements inside each shape
  • Product Dimensions: 0.4 x 0.8 x 1.2 inches
  • 1Y+

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