Fisher Price Wooden Toys Rhythm & Roll Percussion Plane DJF61

Fisher Price

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Rolling Musical Toy Airplane for Toddlers Made with Real Beech Wood!

Airplanes are usually powered by propellers or jet engines, but the Rhythm & Roll Percussion Plane from Fisher-Price® Wooden Toys is powered by creativity, imagination, and your child’s budding motor skills. Made with real beech wood, this artfully crafted toy airplane encourages toddlers to make their own fly beats using the güiro—the hollow gourd-like percussion instrument on top of the plane—and the propeller cymbals.

Of course, they can also use their motor skills to roll the plane along, and their imaginations to pretend it’s flying through the air. Children’s self-expression and creativity will soar to new heights as they create their own rhythm for the soundtrack of their early development.

• Rolling toy airplane is made with real beech wood
• Remove the stick from the plane’s tail to play the guiro
• Children can use the stick or their fingers to play the cymbal propellers
• Grasping the plane, rolling it along, and picking it up to “fly” it through the air promotes fine and gross motor skills
• Making sounds using the güiro and cymbals helps inspire imagination, creativity, and self-expression
• Playing the güiro and cymbals provides visual, auditory, and tactile stimulation

Age 18 Months and Up

Product Dimensions 5 x 8 x 3.8 inches

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