Fisher Price Wooden Toys Hungry Humpback Shape Sorter DJF67

Fisher Price

$ 34.63 $ 48.97


Whale Shape Sorter Toy for Toddlers Made with Real Beech Wood!

Humpback whales usually only feed in summer, but this Hungry Humpback Shape Sorter from Fisher-Price® Wooden Toys is eager to nosh all year round. Unlike other humpbacks, he won’t chase his food, so toddlers need to use fine motor skills along with thinking and problem solving to place those yummy shapes in his mouth. But he’s a picky eater, so if the shapes aren’t fed through the right openings, they may not end up in his big whale belly.

This set includes the adorably decorated whale shape sorter, made with real beech wood, along with three different shapes. The whale’s mouth can also open easily to access the shapes once they’ve been put inside. Children will love feeding this voracious, sea-dwelling mammal as they experience play that can help them develop physically and cognitively. So bon appétit, Hungry Humpback. Or, if you prefer, nom nom.

    • Shape sorter set includes whale sorter and three different shapes
    • Whale shape sorter and shapes are made with real beech wood
    • Shapes can be placed into the openings of the whale’s mouth
    • Top of the mouth can be opened for easy access to shapes, or closed for easy transport during on-the-go play
    • Placing the shapes in the correct openings encourages logical thinking and problem solving
    • Age 6 Months and Up
    • Product Dimensions : 7 x 13 x 9 inches

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