Fisher-Price Shimmer & Shine Teenie Genies Series 2 Genie Toy (8 Pack), #14


$ 29.89 

Grant your little genie's wish for more Teenie Genies with a Teenie Genies 8-Pack! This special set comes with Genie Jewels Leela, Sweetie Genies Shimmer, Masquerade Ball Shine, Rock Star Magic Princess Samira, Flower Friends Nahal, Winter Sparkle Gale, and for a fun surprise there are 2 more genies hidden inside! With over 130 Teenie Genies to collect it's a playtime wish come true! Each sold separately and subject to availability.


  • ​WELCOME to zahramay falls, a magical world where genies live, work and play!
  • ​This play pack includes 8 genies-6 are visible and 2 are hidden!
  • ​There are over 130 genies to collect in fun themes like dance party, music divine, Dreamy genies, genie splash, magical market and more!
  • ​Also look for "floating" teenie genies-these extra-special genies are posed on their hair making them appear as if they're floating in mid-air!
  • Perfect addition or beginning to any shimmer and shine collection!

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