Fisher Price Rollin' & Strollin' Dashboard DYW53

Fisher Price

$ 19.51 $ 26.29


Whether you're headed out to run some errands or grab a bite to eat, the Rollin' & Strollin' Dashboard can keep your favorite copilot busy with tons of hands-on activities. The dashboard easily attaches to the stroller with a link, so all the exciting playtime activities are right at your baby's fingertips. From honking the horn and turning the lion steering wheel that plays short tunes, to clicking the zebra gear shifter and "inserting" the key to the ignition, there's so much for babies to do and explore!

Where development comes into play™

Curiosity & Wonder: As babies turn the steering wheel to activate the songs, they'll discover that their actions can make fun things happen – hey, that's cause & effect!

Fine Motor: Grasping and interacting with the steering wheel, key teether and gear shifter helps foster hand-eye coordination and fine motor skill development.

  • Attaches to stroller for playtime on the go
  • Turn the lion steering wheel to hear short songs
  • Push the lion’s face for silly sound effects (Beep beep!)
  • Clicking zebra gear shifter with rattle beads
  • Engaging alligator “rear-view” mirror (hello, you!)
  • Put the key in the ignition!
  • Ages: Birth +
  • Product Dimensions 8.7 x 3.2 x 4.7 inches

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