Fisher-Price Octonauts - Gup-F Build-A-Gup


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Now you can create your very own GUP! Add eyes, legs, wings, fins, a spinning propeller, working towline and more to make a multi-purpose machine! There are over 25 play pieces to attach and add, including treads that will help ready your Gup for trekking through tough terrain! A Gup-building blueprint is included to start you thinking of ideas but because all pieces are interchangeable, you can customize your Gup and modify it for every mission! Use your unique Gup to join the Octonauts as they explore uncharted territories and rescue amazing sea creatures! Not intended for water play.


  • Create your very own, unique Gup by adding eyes, legs, wings, fins and more to make a multi-purpose vehicle
  • Interchangeable accessory pieces easily plug into the Gup
  • Add the tread wheels to equip the Gup for mobile missions
  • Over 25 play pieces included
  • Also includes a Gup-building blueprint

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