Fisher Price Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Hot Dog Rockin' Mickey DRP88

Fisher Price

$ 30.97 $ 43.48


A 10-inch (25.4cm) Mickey Mouse doll that dances side-to-side when you tilt his head and sings his famous “Hot Dog” song!

Everyone loves to do the Hot Dog dance, especially your pal Mickey Mouse! Tilt his ears from side to side and watch as his arms magically sway back and forth like he is doing the Hot Dog dance. As Mickey's head and arms move, his eyes also look from side to side as you hear funny phrases and sounds and he sings the "Hot Dog" song!


  • 10-inch (25.4cm) singing & dancing Mickey doll
  • Make his head, eyes, and arms move side to side
  • Hear phrases, sounds, and the “Hot Dog” song
  • NOTE: Mickey does not dance on his own – only when you move his arms or head
  • Age 2 Years and Up

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