Fisher-Price Imaginext Teen Titans Go! Cinderblock & Beast Boy Kangaroo


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The Teen Titans crew seems to be stuck between a rock and a hard place when Cinderblock attacks Jump City . Beast Boy jumps into action, transforming into a kangaroo to take on the giant rock creature. Will Cinderblock send Beast Boy spinning away, or can the kangaroo knock his block off? That's for your Young Titan to decide! Fisher-Price Imaginext Imagine What's Next!


  • With kangaroo’s neck in hand, press the Power Pad on Cinderblock’s shoulder to spin Beast Boy around
  • Twist Cinderblock’s waist for combat action!
  • Beast Boy gets the last laugh! Press the Power Pad on his tail to see his legs punch out
  • Hit the button on Cinderblock’s chest to see his head pop up!
  • A great gift for any Imaginext fan

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