Fisher-Price Imaginext Scooby-Doo Scooby & Ocean Boat


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Dive into mystery-solving fun with SCOOBY-DOO and a rescue boat! As SCOOBY takes a dive in the water, he comes face to face with the scary sea monster! Ruh-roh! Turn the Power Pad to aim the projectile and press the button to fire! Take that! Once SCOOBY is safe on board again, turn the crank to reel in the harpoon. Can SCOOBY catch the sea monster and discover who’s behind the mask? That’s for your young sleuth to decide! Fisher-Price Imaginext Imagine What’s Next!


  • Ready, aim, fire! Turn Power Pad to aim the launcher, then press the button to fire!
  • Turn the crank on the side of the launcher to reel in the harpoon
  • Life rings store on the side of the boat
  • Remove the creature’s helmet to reveal who’s behind the trickery!
  • Includes Scooby-Doo with diving helmet, sea Monster, hook projectile & 2 life rings

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