Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic World Walking Indoraptor


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What’s that booming sound It’s the ferocious Jurassic World Walking Indoraptor—it’s on the loose! With the turn of the Power Pad, kids can send the angry dinosaur stomping forward on its own. Place Owen in the ATV and send him racing into action! Roll the ATV in front of the dinosaur to provoke it into chase mode—the faster the vehicle rolls, the faster the Walking Indoraptor will chase! Can Owen get this dangerous dinosaur under control That’s for your young adventurer to decide! Imaginext Imagine What’s Next!


  • Roll the ATV in front of the Walking Indoraptor dinosaur to see it chase after Owen!
  • Turn the Power Pad to send the dinosaur stomping forward
  • Walking Indoraptor has two stomping speeds: Walk along or rushing speed
  • RAWR! Push the Power Pad to open its mouth
  • For preschool kids ages 3-8 years. Includes Walking Indoraptor, ATV, and Owen figure

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