Fisher-Price IMAGINEXT DC Super Friends The Joker Laff Factory, Multi Color, Model:GBL26


$ 50.71 

The Joker, iconic Super-Villain of Gotham City, plans all his devious attacks from his evil lair, the Laff Factory. Power Pads bring all the action to life, including a spinning rocket ride, "swimming" fish in the dunk tank, projectile launchers, and a spinning elevator! Kids can create exciting, villainous adventures with Batman's foe and this action-packed playset. Imaginext Imagine What's Next!


  • ​Create villainous adventures with The Joker at the Laff Factory playset
  • ​Turn Power Pad to spin the dunk tank fish and ride the rocket around
  • ​Turn Power Pad to launch the missiles (Includes 3 projectiles)
  • ​Place The Joker figure on the elevator and lift to see him travel up and spin around
  • ​For kids ages 3-8 years

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