Fisher-Price Disney's Minnie Pet Salon


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Product Description Everything you’ll need for a Pet Salon playtime adventure. Cuckoo Loca and Puppy figures are in need of pampering Playtime Joy Has an Appointment at Minnie’s Pet Salon Pets are getting pretty at Minnie’s Pet Salon, and Minnie could use some help from your little one! Minnie’s Pet Salon brings pampering play fun to life in a real-life pet salon setting, with a parlor and counter for Minnie and all of the parts and accessories she’ll need in order to do a good job. Is your little one ready to help make the pets pretty? She can do just that at Minnie’s Pet Salon. Hours of Role Play Fun Pretty puppies and pets galore have pampering appointments at Minnie’s Pet Salon, and Minnie would love the help of your little one to get the job done! Is she up to the task? It’s certain to be fun. The salon includes a Minnie figure and a parlor counter, along with Cuckoo Loca (a bird), a puppy, a computer, a fold down wash basin, a pet fur dryer chair, and two pet beds – everything you’ll need for a Pet Salon playtime adventure. Isn't it amazing? Watching their faces light up as they explore, discover, play … all those moments when children learn best. That’s why Fisher-Price builds learning into everything we make. With playful ways to engage curious minds, exercise little bodies, and nurture budding personalities. Because nothing’s more amazing than sharing the joy of learning with your child. What's in the Box? Minnie figure Parlor counter Cuckoo Loca (bird) Puppy Pretend Computer Fold down wash basin Pet fur dryer chair 2 pet beds From the Manufacturer Girls will love to play with Minnie's precious pets in this Pet Parlor. This item comes with all of the following - A parlor with counter for Minnie, Minnie figure, Cuckoo Loca bird, puppy, computer, fold down wash basin, pet fur drier chair, and 2 pet beds.


  • Set up all of your animals in the pet parlor for fun play time
  • Take care of your animals by washing them in the fold down wash basin
  • Have your animals lay on either the pet fur drier chair after their wash or any of the 2 pet beds
  • Minnie will greet all of her customers when she stands at the parlor's counter
  • Includes an articulated Minnie mouse figure

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