Fisher-Price Disney Minnie, Polka Dot Yacht


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Product Description Minnie is Headed to the High Seas for Playtime Fun Is your little one ready for a high seas adventure into fun and smiles? She’ll have a boat-load of excitement with Minnie’s Polka Dot Yacht. Minnie slides into her heart shaped pool from the top deck level, and the elevator lifts Minnie to the upper deck. There’s even a beach chair on the deck for Minnie to relax. When playtime is over, everything stores inside. Minnie is ready for a high seas adventure into fun and smiles Three levels of play and exciting scenarios to imagine along the way Lounge, surf or play - it's up to you. Minnie can take the elevator lift to the top deck Make a splash and slide into fun with Minnie Relax by the pool in style With three levels of play and exciting scenarios to imagine along the way, Minnie’s Polka Dot Yacht is sailing on to a joyous journey. Minnie’s Polka Dot Yacht features a heart shaped deck pool and diving board, an elevator to lift Minnie to the top level, and 4 play pieces to accessorize the fun. Is Minnie headed to a vacation destination? A high seas adventure? Your little one decides. Isn’t it amazing? Watching their faces light up as they explore, discover, play … all those moments when children learn best. That’s why Fisher-Price builds learning into everything we make. With playful ways to engage curious minds, exercise little bodies, and nurture budding personalities. Because nothing’s more amazing than sharing the joy of learning with your child. Features Fashionable Minnie Mouse figure Includes a surfboard, beach chair, inner tube, pool deck table Great addition to your Minnie Mouse collection From the Manufacturer What better way to get around in the Tropics than on with Minnie’ Yacht. Check out the fun features this Yacht comes with. Navigate from the 3rd tier balcony and swing off the spoiler. Features a lounge area recessed in cabin, a heart shaped deck pool, slide pivots from pool to ocean, elevator to get to 3 levels of play, and a retractable diving board. Includes a 3" Minnie Figure, Table, Chair, Surf board, and inner tube.


  • Ride on Minnie's yacht for a great adventure
  • Navigate your route on the seas from the 3rd tier balcony
  • Relax in the lounge area in the cabin or in the hear shaped deck pool
  • Get to any of the 3 levels by riding the elevator
  • Includes 3" Minnie figure, table, chair, surfboard and inner tube

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