Fisher-Price Disney Mickey & the Roadster Racers, Mechanic Goofy & Accessory


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Mechanic Goofy is eager to Jack up and fix all the roadster racers in the garage, even if there's nothing wrong with them! he's ready to gas 'em all up and get them going. This roadster racers figure & accessory set includes a pose able Goofy figure dressed in his blue overalls and signature green hat. He's rolling around the garage on his green work cart that also has a platform that Jacks up and down so he can get a good look at each roadster racer he's working on. Peg mechanic Goofy to the cart and roll from job to job as he tries to fix every roadster racer in the garage. He also has a gas can so he can gas 'em up and get them rolling. Connects to other roadster racers rolling figure sets. Collect them all and connect them together to create a complete rolling fix-it crew! each sold separately and subject to availability.


  • ​Pose able Goofy figure
  • ​Includes rolling work cart with platform that raises up and down
  • ​Goofy figure pegs to cart
  • ​Also includes gas can accessory piece
  • ​ connects to other roadster Racers rolling figure sets (​each sold separately and subject to availability)

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