Fisher-Price Boys Imaginext Modified Transforming Batcave Playset Action Figure DNF93


$ 69.93 $ 101.92


Batman has always had the coolest tools and gadgets to fight crime in Gotham city – and his bat CA ve headquarters is no exception! turn the middle power pad to transform the play set – the platforms, batcomputer screens and bat wings open to reveal a "high Tech" command center. Turn the top power pad to open the armory and gear Batman up for battle. There's even a sparring dummy that rotates to let Batman practice his Ninja moves! uh, oh the Joker is stirring up trouble! push a switch on the lower power pad to open the garage doors so Batman can speed away to his latest crime-fighting adventure. And no bat CA ve would be complete without a jail, elevator and projectile launcher to add to the story and the adventures! with a headquarters loaded with so much fun, the Joker will be no match for Batman and your young Super heroes imagination!.

  • To the mini Batcave! all the features of the original transforming Batcave, minus the lights and 6" in the middle
  • Turn middle power pad for an awesome transformation platforms spread, Batwings open and bat computer is revealed
  • Gotta run! push switch on lower power pad to open the garage doors
  • Turn top power pad to reveal armory and activate the sparring dummy, that rotates to simulate Ninja training
  • Under attack? push button on projectile launcher to fire!
  • 22 x 6 x 21.8 inches
  • Ages 3+

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