Fisher Price Alvin and The Chipmunks™ R/C Skate Tricks Alvin" FDP28

Fisher Price

$ 60.15 $ 87.25


Alvin's got all the extreme street-skatin' moves, and he's burning up the pavement with his awesome flip-trickin' skateboard. Now your child controls all the flip 'n spin action with R/C Skate Tricks Alvin! Use the A-shaped remote control to send Alvin racing in forward or spinning and popping into a wheelie. Alvin can ride standing on the skateboard, or your child can flip him into a handstand and attach him to the board so he rides upside-down! As he performs his extreme flips 'n spins your child will hear over 20 phrases along with fun skatin' sounds and rockin' music coming from the remote. Your little Chipmunks and Chipettes control the action with R/C Skate Tricks Alvin!

  • Remote controlled motorized Alvin skateboard
  • Forward and reverse-spin action
  • Pops into a wheelie
  • Flip Alvin into a handstand
  • Over 20 phrases from the show
  • Fun skatin' sounds and rockin' music
  • Age 3 Years and Up 
  • Product Dimensions 9.1 x 4.7 x 10.6 inches

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