Fisher Price Alvin and the Chipmunks™ Alvinizer Voice Changer FDP29

Fisher Price

$ 20.75 $ 28.15


Now your child can sound just like a Chipmunk with the Alvinizer Voice Changer. Have your child hold the Alvinizer in their hand just like a walkie talkie and press the button on the side. When your child speaks into the front of the Alvinizer, their voice gets higher and is amplified out of the speaker to sound just like a Chipmunk! Everything your child says into the Alvinizer sounds just like Alvin and his brothers. Your child will feel like they're one of the Chipmunks with the Alvinizer Voice Changer!

  • Amplify and "Alvinize" your child's voice
  • Sound just like a Chipmunk or a Chipette!
  • Press the button and speak into the mic
  • Adjustable speaker
  • Alvin and The Chipmunks, The Chipettes and Characters TM & (c) 2016 Bagdasarian Productions, LLC. All rights reserved. Agent: PGS HK Ltd.
  • Ages: 3+
  • Product Dimensions 3.7 x 2 x 6.7 inches

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