Fisher Price Alvin and the Chipmunks™ 360° Stunts Skate Park FDP26

Fisher Price

$ 32.63 $ 45.97


Alvin's practicing his mad rad tricks at the skate park, perfecting his most daring skateboardin' move yet: the full-flip spin on the 360° half-pipe! Alvin has all the extreme rockin' moves, and his 360° Stunts Skate Park comes with everything he needs for a fun day riding the rails 'n ramps and performing his most famous tricks and stunts. Your child can take the poseable Alvin figure, attach him to the skateboard and send him free-skating on the half-pipe. Then send Alvin down to street level to skate around the cones and do some totally gnarly rail slides! He's got a rock climbing wall, a stunt ramp, and a staircase for more awesome stunts! There are 7 skating play pieces in all. Then it's time for the main event as Alvin gets ready to perform his greatest stunt trick ever. Have your child attach Alvin to the half-pipe and turn the crank. Alvin does a complete 360-degree super stunt flip, riding the half-pipe all the way around while spinning into a full handstand. Spin the crank in the opposite direction to make him perform his handstand-flip in reverse! All the while you can see live coverage of Alvin, Simon, and Theodore up on the giant TV screen. This Chipmunk is one seriously cool skatin' dude, and your child can spend the day with Alvin at the 360° Stunts Skate Park!

  • Skate park playset with a 360° stunt half-pipe
  • 7 skating play pieces
  • Turn the crank for a full 360-degree handstand-flip
  • Ramp, stairs, rock climb wall, rail, & 2 cones for free play action
  • Includes poseable Alvin figure and skateboard with real rolling wheels
  • Also works with Hoverin' Simon and Scootin' Theodore figures
  • Alvin and The Chipmunks, The Chipettes and Characters TM & (c) 2016 Bagdasarian Productions, LLC. All rights reserved. Agent: PGS HK Ltd.
  • Ages: 3+


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