EVEREST TOYS Crib Wars Board Game


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Product Description If you like to play cribbage, you will love Crib Wars! This game is played just like regular cribbage with a few twists! In Muggers Alley you can steal your opponents points and in a Red Skip you can slide to the next spot. If you go to a Penalty Box you will go back 20 holes while your opponent goes forward 20 holes! When you get caught in a Time Trap you must follow the blue path until you can get out of it. A player that lands on the Advance areas must follow the shorter green path. Regular cribbage rules still apply and this game can be played with 2 to 6 players. From the Manufacturer A plastic cribbage board like no other, Crib Wars has 363 holes from start to finish instead of the usual 121. Along the twisting track are slide-ahead, reverse loops, shortcuts and setbacks that the players must follow if they land on certain spaces via play, hand or crib count. Use strategy to avoid the traps and utilize the advances. Crib Wars takes a lot longer to play than cribbage so beware, the official rules forbid you to quit.


  • Fun cribbage variation
  • For 2-6 players
  • Fun family game

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