CoolCats & AssHats - The Funnest Adult Party / Card Game

CoolCats & AssHats

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Learn all about your friends, then laugh at them.
CoolCats is an interactive card game that will turn your next party into a hilarious night you'll never forget.

How do you play?
It's easy. The person up draws Subject cards and everyone else votes on whether that person likes or dislikes each subject. The person with the most correct guesses wins, and draws a CoolCat card. The person with the least correct guesses loses, and draws an AssHat card. If there's ever a tie, a Tiebreaker card is drawn to determine the winner or loser.

What's inside?
Endless fun with 425 cards: 250 Subject cards, 75 Tiebreaker cards, 50 CoolCat cards, and 50 AssHat cards.

Wait, there's more?!
We just released a brand new mega expansion so make sure you grab that too! Also, not only do we make games for the party, we also make games for the potty. Check out our newest game, Toilet Tag, to go on a hilarious and revealing journey against your potty partner, without ever leaving the bathroom.

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