Classroom Management™ Pocket Chart 738

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Durable nylon pocket chart has see-through pockets that hold most regular size cards and strips, up to 3" tall. Grommets allow for easy hanging on a wall or standard chart stand.

Our Classroom Management™ Pocket Chart helps organize activities in the classroom and provides a great visual aid for both students and teachers. This 30" wide x 45" high chart has six see-through horizontal pockets and a 30" x 11" felt area at the top. It helps organize multiple activities, including seat assignments, work centers, special events, attendance and classroom helpers. The dry-erase cards allow teachers to add a personal touch in their classrooms. Their easy wipe-off surface means the cards can be used for future years.
Ages 5 & Up

Contents: Pocket Chart, 48 Name/Event Cards, 36 Here/Absent Cards, 12 Classroom Helper Cards, 18 Work Center/Blank Custom Cards, 12 Special Cards, 50 Hook Sticky Dots, Activity Guide

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