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Glitters and bubbles are favorites among kids. Therefore, riling, our 10 year old princess, thought it would be awesome to combine them together to create amazing glitter blow bubbles. Moreover, she loves do it yourself (DIY), so she invented bubble jazz to promote fun, learning, education, interaction and DIY activity. This kit comes with 4 bottles, each containing 60 milliliter patent-pending bubble solution that would keep glitters beautifully suspended. It comes with 6 different shiny, colorful glitters in plastic tubes. The bubble blow wand is attached under the lid. Now you can have some fun for your parties or just cool activities for kids.Instructions:1. Open the lid and set it aside.2. Choose your favorite glitter and carefully open the cap. 3. Pour the glitters into the bottle. You can mix different glitter colors.4. Use the lid with the attached wand to stir the glitters inside the solution several times and then close the lid.5. Gently rock the bottle back and forth 10 times to make sure the glitters are completely mixed and dispensed within the solution.6. Enjoy the beautiful glitters in suspension.7. Open the lid and gently blow into the wand to create amazing glitter bubbles. Note: Since the bubble is a very thin film, it might be difficult to appreciate the glitters on the surface of the bubbles. You can blow the bubbles onto a white canvas to create incredible unique glitter artwork.8. Bubble jazz is not edible. Do not drink the bubble solution or lick the bubbles. If swallowed, drink lots of water and seek medical advice. Bubble solution may make the surface slippery. Never walk or play on slippery surface.9. The glitter bubbles can potentially stick and stain clothes and surfaces. Recommend outdoor use.10. Contact us at info@tranovation.Com if you have any questions or concerns.


  • Create your special, glamorous glitter bubbles with this unique DIY kit
  • 4 bottles containing 60 ml bubble solution per bottle
  • Comes with 6 tubes of colorful, shiny glitters to have fun and be creative
  • Just pour in the glitters, mix and create beautiful shimmering glitter bubbles
  • Perfect for birthday parties, special events and interactive, educational learning

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