Breathtaking Crystal Bridal Lace Applique in White Floral Vine Motif 4401LA-W


$ 59.85 $ 79.80


Mariell's breathtaking crystal and ivory lace appliques are meticulously hand-made embellishments to create one-of-a-kind wedding gowns, sashes, headpieces, veils and other bridal accessories. These crystal lace appliques are sold in pairs and will set your designs apart from the rest with exquisite European style and top of the line quality. Mariell's luxurious set of European crystal lace appliques shimmer with Austrian crystals, sequins and bugle beads to embellish wedding gowns, veils, belts, headbands and other bridal accessories. Each crystal applique is 7 1/2" h x 3 7/8" w. Hand-crafted.

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