Brandnew!iphone 5 Lifeproof Fre Case


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1) If you are looking to protect your new Apple iPhone 5 with one of the most advanced cases on the market, the iPhone 5 Case is the perfect choice for you. 2) This is case is much more than a shock proof case. The case protects your phone against all the mishaps in life which is why in addition to being fully shock proof 3) It’s also water proof, snow proof, and even dirt proof. The iPhone case is said to be the not only the toughest case available on the market, but also the thinnest and lightest case packing this much protection. 4) The thin profile means you can still show off the beautiful design aesthetics of your device. 5) Hearing is believing. The full spectrum of sound loud & clear.The frē for iPhone 5 has completely re-engineered speaker ports to deliver maximum acoustic output and sound clarity. From booming bass lines to pin-drop whispers, the dynamically designed Sound Enhancement System broadcasts the full sound spectrum. 6) Minimalism meets maximalism. Small on size. Big on features.The thinnest, lightest LifeProof case ever produced, also happens to be the strongest and the most functional. And, thanks to the clear back window showcasing the legendary Apple logo, you can add “most beautiful” to that list, too 7) LifeProof, one better. The same yet different. In every way. Everything you expect from LifeProof—sleek style, full device function, uncompromising design, and of course, the Four Proofs—is built into the iPhone 5 case. And, so much more. We made this one slimmer, sleeker, lighter, louder and stronger than any before. 8) Go everywhere. Do anything. Your iPhone’s protected, connected and by your side.No matter how extreme the activity, journey or adventure, LifeProof eliminates the worry, so you can experience, share and document your tasks at hand. From everyday living to living your dreams, you are now free to do what you do! 9) Fully submergible to 6.6’ / 2 m for 30 minutes

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