Blaze and the Monster Machines High-Flying Morpher Blaze


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Join Blaze on his next high-flying adventure and help him transform into whatever aircraft he needs to complete his daring mission. High-flying Morpher Blaze is an extendable, bendable 3-in-1 transforming monster truck that comes with 10 mix & match accessory pieces that attach to Blaze to transform him into an airplane, rocket, or drone. Extend and bend his shock absorbers for extreme monster poses. With high-flying Morpher Blaze, kids learn about lift. Lift is the Force that makes a flying object rise up off the ground and into the air. When Blaze's wings and propellers help him fly high, that's lift! high-flying Morpher Blaze can stand unassisted and still rolls like an unstoppable monster machine! your child can mix & match the attachable pieces for his or hers own creative designs.


  • ​3-in-1 transforming Blaze vehicle
  • ​10 mix & match pieces
  • ​bend & pose action
  • ​Stands unassisted and rolls
  • ​Transforms into airplane, rocket, or Drone

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